Castles Bike Ride - 1st Sunday in June

How to set up Just Giving for the Castles Bike Ride

1.      Log on to the just giving web site  Register if you haven’t used this site before.  Select a suitable password that you can easily remember but which would be hard to guess.  Consider using Capital and Numbers but don't use 1 as an I or 3 as as an E as these are too easy to guess.  Perhaps have two unconnected words with some "random" numbers in between

2.      Then from the Just Giving page select “Start Fundraising” from the top menu bar next to MENU

3.     Select the orange “Start Fundraising” button, then select the cause.  Put Macmillan Cancer Support and press search.   

5. TPPress the Blue “Organised Event” button and you will go to a screen showing loads of Macmillan Events in date order where you can scroll down, but it’s probably easier to search.  In the search boxput “Castles Bike Ride” and press search, 

Press the blue select button next to our event  “Macmillan Swindon Castles Bike Ride 2019” which will take you to the page where you can set up your own fund raising page.

We have a printed version of these instructions, complete with screenshots. If you would like a copy please email


Fill in this form as appropriate, and then start fund raising.  Don’t forget to tell everyone on your own social media you are doing it and put the link to your just giving page.  Tell us on the Castles Bike Ride face book page.  Good luck and thanks for supporting Macmillan