Castles Bike Ride

When you have registered you will receive an email with detailed instructions but you should read these instructions too


Ride Preparation

Consider doing some off road training rides before the event

Have a good breakfast and be hydrated before you start

Wear appropriate clothing for the weather

Bring at least one full water bottle, we recommend TWO; and a small snack

Ensure your Bike is in good order.  You will need two working brakes and fully functional gears for these course.  Ensure your tyres are in good condition with plenaty of tread left and inflated to the correct pressures

Bring a spare inner tube, puncture repair kit, suitable pumps and any tools needed to take your wheels off.  We can not provide any mechanical support

Rider Conduct

Please remember that this is a fun event which attracts riders of all abilities and all ages.  Some will be taking part in their first ever massed start event.   We hope to have a police lead for the first few miles which does include a couple of short sharp climbs coupled with steep descents on which care really needs to be taken.

At all times please adhere to the rules of the road, be very careful on descents and do not overtake unless and until it is safe to do so.  Do not ride on the wrong side of the road.

There are several sections where Mountain Bike Riders are sharing the tracks and trails with other users such as pedestrians, dog walkers, children, other cyclists and horse riders.  It is essential that our riders respect the other users and take care when approaching or passing.   


The main route signage will be black and yellow Cycle Route signs 

Long and Medium Route Refreshment Point.  This will at Barbury Castle.  Please take care and do not park so as to cause an obstruction to anyone using the car park.

Route Splits

Please be aware the place where the long and medium routes split and ensure you are following your chosen route. Should you wish to change course whilst on the route please tell the Marshal at the splits that you have done so or they will send you the “wrong” way according to the colour of your handlebar card.  

The course splits are at   Ogbourne St George.  

b.       Medium Route turns left and goes north on the railway path toward Chiseldon.

c.       Long route goes under A346 then turns right to join the railway path after about 400metres.  The long route then does a loop returning to Ogbourne St George and then turns right to go north on the railway path.

Cut Off Times

Riders on the long route must get to Ogbourne St George before 11.30.  At 11.30 all riders on Mountain bikes will be sent north on the Railway path and all direction signs removed.  NB we expect road riders to have reached this point by 10.45 so this is not an issue for them.

Donations and Sponsorship

We hope that many of you will have managed to get sponsored.  We appreciate, though, that with so many sponsorship events that one can’t keep asking.  If you weren’t able to get sponsored perhaps you could make a small donation on the day.  Collection tins will be around the refreshment areas.