Castles Bike Ride - 1st Sunday in June

How to set up your Just Giving Page

The Castles Bike Ride is now available on the Just Giving web site.  This page will show you how to start your own Castles Bike Ride just giving page.

1.  If you don't already have a Just Giving account, you will need to set one up first.  Go to

2.  Once you have your Just Giving account go to  and select the orange "START FUNDRAISING" button from the home screen.  NB do not try searching for Castles Bike Ride from the home page.

3.  On the next screen  find "Fund raise for a Charity" and press Start Fundraising

4.  Search for or select Macmillan cancer Support

5.  On the next screen select "Taking Part in an organised event"

6.  On the next search screen.  You can search by scrolling through the dates or simply put "Castles" in the search box and Swindon Castles Bike ride should come up.   Press "Select"

7.  You are then asked some basic questions about your fundraising. "For instance are you doing the event in memory of someone?".  Then press the Create Page button.  You can then log in and edit your page, share links on social media etc.