Castles Bike Ride

Volunteer with us

Many of us or people we know will experience cancer. Macmillan Helps everyone with cancer live life as fully as they can by providing practical, medical and financial support, and campaign for change.   The Castles Bike Ride is just one way Swindon, and people from outside our area raise much needed funds for Macmillan.
To organise and run the event we need a few more volunteers

Publicity/Media  Officer   For 2021 AND BEYOND  we are specifically keen to recruit a Publicity/Media officer to join our ranks with the express responsibility of increasing participation, and therefore revenue from the event.  Cancer Support is an expensive business and we would like to provide more cash to this important service.

Could YOU be a Marshal for Macmillan?

No we are not talking about loads of Matt Dillons roaming around Swindon, but to ensure the safety of one of Swindon’s popular mass participation events we need a few more people to help us.
The Macmillan Castles Bike Ride is now in its 24TH year.  Annually it attracts about 250 bike riders of all ages who take to the Marlborough Downs to ride the tracks and trails and raise funds for Macmillan Cancer Support.  Our team of volunteer marshals are there to help our riders navigate the course safely and take the correct route at junctions. Historically the event has a very good safety record but some of the team have been with us since it started and quite rightly need to stand down, so we need some replacements.
The marshals commit for between 3 and 5 hours on the first Sunday in June.  We provide them with a hi-viz vest and detailed instructions and maps which show the part of the course they are helping on, where the riders are coming from and where they are going.  Our marshals are not policemen and are not asked to stop the traffic, but to warn approaching riders if there is traffic on the roads they are about to cross.  We always pair new marshals up with folk who have done it before so no one is coming in to it cold.
It’s a day out in the country, in the fresh air, helping others to get round the course safely.  You need to dress appropriately for the weather and provide your self with snacks and drinks whilst manning your marshal point.  It would help if you had a mobile phone to let out HQ know you’re in position or very rarely if some incident has occurred.  You will be told when the last rider has passed you and you can stand down.  We would then welcome you back at our HQ at Croft Leisure Centre for a cuppa and cake.  Some marshals are asked to bring back some of the signage.

 If you think you can spare a few hours on the 15th August 2021 please contact the Bike Ride Organisers, or If you think you could help us run the event in any other way (eg Rider sign on, Refreshments etc) please email us